S Y L F A A E proudly aims to have as little footprint as possible, striving to be free of any plastics and using environmentally responsible processes and minimal waste wherever possible. 

I source all of my materials from local suppliers, ensuring that everything is at least recyclable, if not already made from recycled materials.  

My pieces are cast with recycled silver, and the wax used for this process is sourced locally and sustainably. Any stones used in my pieces are lab-grown, eliminating any demand for mining (which is both an ethically and environmentally questionable industry).

My packaging is also responsible - with jewellery pouches being handmade by me in my studio from linen (a sustainable fabric); my business cards locally handmade from recycled paper; any plants or nature incorporated is hand foraged; and all of the boxes and packaging are made from recycled materials. I also use eco friendly inks and paper tape, and your package will come in a recyclable mailer padded with recycled newspaper. 

Each piece of jewellery is thoughtfully made to order by hand by me, then cast (externally) with recycled sterling silver. Every piece is made to order and packaged in a one-woman studio, meaning there is no exploitation or wastage.

We only have one Earth, and with S Y L F A A E  I care about looking after it.

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