Where are you located?

S Y L F A A E  is located in Melbourne (aka Narrm), on Boon Wurrung Country.


Do you ship internationally?

At this time I only ship Australia-wide.


Do you accept custom-made orders?

Unfortunately custom orders are not accepted.
I do however offer our existing ring styles in any size, and am open to requests for specific gem combinations for pieces with stones.

These options will be made-to-order for you, so please allow a few weeks for your piece to be made from scratch if this is the case. Gem requests will be on a case-by-case basis and will be dependent on stock available.

Do you sell at any markets?

I do! I don't do it regularly, but I usually attend a couple of markets at the beginning and end of each year. I usually announce when this will be in my Instagram bio and on the banner of my website. I sell all of the styles listed online there, as well as a few exclusive one-off pieces and samples not listed online.

I try to be as covid-safe as possible at each market I attend - I always wear a k95 mask, and hand sanitiser is provided at my stall and must be used before handling pieces. Community health is a high priority for me.


What are your Sustainable Practices?

It is incredibly important to me to implement highly sustainable and and ethical practices as part of the framework of  S Y L F A A E. Please see the "Sustainability" section on the website for a detailed explanation of my business ethos.

Do you accept returns?

As all pieces are of a bespoke nature, all sales are final, so please be absolutely sure about your purchase. Please see the "T&Cs" section on the website for a more detailed explanation of this. If you have any further questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Where does the word   S Y L F A A E  come from?

I wanted to create a distinctive name that embodies the essence of the jewellery I create - enchanting, ethereal and grounded in nature. 

After researching different words and their roots, as well as playing around with creating my own names, I ended up combining the words "sylph" and "fae" (see their definitions below), along with integrating some phonetic elements of my own name (Sophie) and "silver" - giving the unique amalgamation that became SYLFAAE (pronounced "sill-fay").

Sylph: an imaginary spirit of the air, derived from the Latin words "sylvestris" (woodland) and "nympha" (nymph)
Fae: beautiful mythical winged beings, with magical abilities 


Please keep an eye on  S Y L F A A E 's instagram (@sylfaae), and on the top banner of the website for any updates.

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