Ring Sizing


Ring Sizing

Finding Your Size:

There are a variety of different ways to find your ring size, some more precise than others. 

The most effective and accurate way to determine your ring size is to visit a jeweller, who will personally measure your finger and help you find the size you need. I bring my ring sizer to each market I attend, so please feel free to ask to be sized and I will happily accomodate you. If you cannot go to a jeweller, plastic reusable ring sizers can also be used as they are inexpensive and easily accessible, and can be found on Etsy or Ebay. 

Another good option is to find a ring of yours that fits the finger that you want the ring to fit and is a similar width, and measure the inside diameter to the nearest mm. This measurement should not include the ring itself, only the space inside the ring. You can either send us the measurement, or a photo of your ring on a ruler for us to determine your approximate ring measurement.

Alternatively, there are many ring sizer apps available where you can place a ring on your phone screen to get a measurement, which is a quick and easy option.

Please see the example images below of this technique with the Rylox and Latt Ring, measuring approximately 15mm and 17mm respectively. As you can see this is more of a general measurement, and not as accurate as other techniques.

Ring Fit:

A good fitting ring fits comfortably yet still  has some resistance when taken off. The style and width of the ring can factor into what size you need. Please also bear in mind that our fingers naturally change sizes slightly due to factors such as the weather and body temperature, which may need to be considered based on when and how you will be wearing the ring. I can hammer a ring to be half to one size larger than the original if needed, so round any measurements down if you are unsure.

I do not offer ring resizing at this time, unless it needs to be made up to one size larger only. As mentioned above, I can hammer the ring to be slightly larger, but I cannot do this for rings that need to be smaller at all, or larger than one size. This is due to the unique textures of our rings and each piece being bespoke, so please make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible and you are absolutely sure about the size.

Size Guide / Table:

The table below is a comprehensive ring size guide, with a variety of different measurements to reference to help you find the right size.

Please feel free to ask any more questions about sizing if you need, I am happy to help if you are unsure! Thankyou for your support and understanding.

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