Product Care


Product Care


Leaving silver exposed in the open will allow it to tarnish over time, meaning the surface of the metal can change in colour and sheen. Furthermore, simple chemical reactions with your jewellery such as hand sanitiser, soaps, glues, perfumes and even your skin can also cause your pieces to tarnish.

In order to keep your jewels in peak condition, try not to wear them in water (including during swimming, bathing and hand washing), or keep them in direct sunlight / humid environments (such as on a windowsill or in the bathroom), as these factors can speed up the tarnishing process. Also please be cautious of wearing your pieces when doing any heavy duty or high intensity work - as they may get knocked, snagged or damaged. Silver is still a soft metal, and is susceptible to getting little scratches and marks over time.

When not in use, I would recommend keeping your jewels in a pouch (like the linen one that is provided with each purchase) or a dry, dark place to protect them from tarnishing.

Each  S Y L F A A E  package comes with a small silver polishing cloth embedded with polishing compounds, that can be used to give a quick and easy shine to your pieces whenever you need. 


The accessory options that are offered with each charm include 16mm endless hoops, 12mm sleepers, 42cm and 50cm diamond-cut chain. As each of the accessory options are sterling silver, they are subject to tarnishing and wear over time. Please see the silver care above that can also be applied to your accessories.

How to Use:

• Endless Hoops - hold the bottom of the sleeper (the part that doesn't go in your ear) and gently pull the thin wire at the top of the earring until it slides out of the tubing. Place the wire in your ear, then gently push it back into the tubing until the hoop is fully and securely enclosed.

• Sleepers - identify where the hinge mechanism is on the sleeper (it should look like 2 thin lines across the wire) and make sure it is facing from left to right. Gently pull the hinge apart in and up-and-down motion. The opening of the sleeper will have a sharper pointed edge, which you can place into your ear until the hinge is facing left to right again. Gently push the open ends of the wire back together until you hear a click and the sleeper is closed. To ensure the sleeper is closed properly, gently tug on the bottom of the sleeper to make sure it doesn't open. 

When wearing your charms with sleepers, please make sure that the hinges are facing left-to-right to ensure that the hinge doesn't open and the charm accidentally fall out. Please also be wary when doing any heavy duty or high intensity work to avoid your sleepers becoming snagged and opening. S Y L F A A E  will not take any responsibility for any loss of jewellery due to earrings opening.

Chain - the chains are 1mm thick and are quite delicate, so please be gentle when handling and make sure you do not yank, pull or be rough with them or they may snap. S Y L F A A E  will not take any responsibility for any chains that you have manipulated, or that have become broken or not been cared for properly.

If you do have any enquiries regarding any of the accessory options, or have an enquiry regarding your own accessories from  S Y L F A A E, please do not hestitate to get in touch and I will try to accomodate you as best as I can.

Fun Tip: If you want to wear two pendants at once but want them at a different length to your current chains, simply connect two chains together to create one long length, then place around your neck in a figure 8 - giving you two "new" lengthed chains that you can change as you please. 

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